Every day we’re bombarded by information on how to get in amazing shape and stay that way. We get advice from friends, family, TV, and celebrities. If it were that easy everyone would already be fit and fabulous but the fact is we all need some due diligence to separate fact from fiction.

Here are four workout myths busted:

workout myths

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  1. Training your abs will give you abs: Contrary to popular belief, this is false. Training abs will strengthen your core. If you want abs then congratulations because you already have them! “Where are they,” you ask? Well if you’re like most people they’re hidden under a layer of fat! All the crunches and ab machines in the world will not give you ripped visible abs until you lower your overall body fat percentage. If you want the ripped visible abs you’re looking for it will take a balanced program that includes strength training, nutrition, and cardiovascular training to lower your body fat percentage and let those muscles show.
  2. Weight training will make women bulk up: While we’ve all seen extreme female bodybuilders, we need to remember that these women are on large doses of steroids and testosterone. A normal woman has approximately 1/10th of the testosterone that a man has. Weight training will build  lean muscle on a woman but they will not bulk up. On the contrary, with the increased muscle her metabolism will speed up and she will burn more calories and fat. A woman who incorporates some weight training to her routine will have an easier time reaching her ideal body.
  3. Exercise in the heat because you will lose more fat and sweat out the toxins: The workout industry has taken advantage of millions of people with this myth. There are sauna suits, belts that make your midsection sweat, and hot yoga classes (don’t get me wrong yoga is great, but it’s great whether it’s hot or not.) Don’t believe the hype and stick with the facts! Sweat contains water and salt. You can work out in 110 degrees and you will not sweat out toxins or fat, so unless you are a professional boxer or a wrestler who needs to make weight for a fight, these techniques are useless. You’ll lose nothing more than water weight that will return as soon as you’re properly hydrated. Our kidneys, liver, and digestive system will clean out the toxins in our body so work out (in any temperature), eat a healthy diet, and drink lots of water and you’ll lose fat and toxins the right way!
  4. Pregnant women should be sedentary: Pregnancy is no reason to adapt to a sedentary lifestyle. Provided you are having a normal pregnancy, doing weight bearing exercises will actually help with weight management, reduce the chances of gestational diabetes, reduce lower back pain, reduce the chances of preeclampsia, and reduce the incidence of varicose veins. Other benefits include, easier labor, enhanced body image, better psychological well being, and improved fetal development. While you may need to do low impact workouts, if done properly, working out can enhance the health of both you and your baby.

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Post by Jason Rodriguez