I want to lose weight! We hear it and say it all the time, but what does that really mean? How do I lose weight? It’s very simple math actually. Calories can be looked at as units of energy (kilocalories). Using energy for work is how we burn calories. This has to do with metabolism. Metabolism is the physical and chemical process by which substances are broken down into energy. For example if you are usually taking in 2500 calories a day and all of a sudden you consume 2000 calories a day you will lose weight. On the other hand if you increase your caloric intake you will add weight. I think first it’s important for people to realize how we burn calories. We all burn calories in 3 ways. We do this through digestion, at rest, and when we’re active. We burn 5-10 percent of our calories while digesting, 60-75 percent while at rest, and 15-30 percent while we are active. Let’s put calories in perspective. There are 3500 calories in one pound. So if I want to lose one pound this week I will have to cut my caloric intake by 500 calories a day or do any combination where maybe I’m burning an extra 250 calories a day and consuming 250 less calories per day. If the net result is 3500 calories less in one week all else being equal, I will lose one pound. I know you’ve all seen those crazy diets out there and the truth is most of them work for a very short period of time. Most diets out there if followed correctly will drastically decrease your total caloric intake which will cause you to lose weight. You may have heard of things like the soup diet, the juice diet, the cabbage diet, ect. I have a couple of diets that will also work. The beer diet and the stick of butter diet will also work for losing weight as long as total calories in are less than total calories burned. If you are interested in taking supplements look in to the Carbofix reviews to learn more.

If it’s that simple why don’t we all just cut our calories and lose weight? The truth is obviously it’s not that simple. We don’t all just want to lose weight. We want to lose fat, be stronger, look better, have more energy, and be healthier than we are now. So what’s the answer? The answer is balance according to Supplement Science. We need to have a balanced diet because our bodies need nutrients, to sustain life, provide energy, build tissue, and regulate our metabolic processes. We need to increase our consumption of whole grains, fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, lean meats ect. We also need to decrease our fat intake especially saturated fats. We also need a balance between strength training and cardiovascular training depending on what your goals are. Strength training and cardiovascular training will speed your metabolism. This goes back to calories in and calories out. If our metabolism is faster than we are burning more calories and fat whether we are resting or active and we will burn more calories and fat, look better, have more energy, and be healthier.