The need for a yoga workout or fitness regime at work or home has become essential in our busy culture. Our philosophy is to bring the ideal yoga class or instructor into your home or office: our reliable, experienced, compassionate instructors guide you according to your specific needs and goals. We want to make your decision to stay healthy the easiest one you make, despite looming deadlines and regardless of your chaotic schedule. We come to you, help you work out, stretch & de-stress.

Yoga is a system with an ability to profoundly affect health and personal transformation. Private yoga sessions are one of the most direct ways to bring these benefits into daily life. The sessions begin with a consultation to identify how the practice can be most beneficial. We design a practice that focuses on your individual path, based on your goals, needs, and interests. Over time, the practice evolves, working toward new goals and building on the gains already made.

Sessions are typically one hour long, and can be held either in the home of the student or in a studio setting.

Once you begin to practice yoga regularly, you are likely to experience many of the following benefits:

  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • A calmer, happier mood
  • Enhanced athletic ability
  • Improved weight management
  • Better focus at work
  • Decreased back pain

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