Corporate Health and Wellness

If you have great staff and you want to keep them, a corporate fitness program is one of the ways you can achieve that. By retaining experienced staff and boosting their health and energy levels, you in turn keep your company healthy. Fitness Journeys trainers will come to your workplace, or somewhere else convenient for you, and train your staff in group or one on one training – you choose! Our corporate fitness trainers will bring the equipment and their expertise; you just need to supply the participants. If COVID-19 related health and safety is a concern, we can also run virtual corporate fitness sessions for your employees. Our experience has shown that corporate fitness programs:

  • Decrease absenteeism in the workforce.
  • Provide a healthy distraction from workplace issues, allowing employees to refocus.
  • Secure longevity in an older workforce.
  • Encourage coworkers to form cohesive bonds and function better as a team.

Fitness Journeys works with CEO’s and HR professionals to offer fitness programs to their staff in order to make small permanent changes in their daily routines that are specifically designed to increase productivity, reduce stress, improve employee health, decrease employee absences, increase performance, improve morale, team building, mindset, and company culture.

We address the number one problem companies have which is presenteeism. This is where you have employees that are physically present, but consistently unproductive due to physical illness, workplace stress, or unhappiness. We do this by helping employees find their “WHY”.

Why they’re there. Why their health is important to not only them, but their families. Why their company cares for them and why they want to get consistently better.

We realize you may already have an employee wellness program in place because you care about your staff and company enough to realize the benefits it provides. Unfortunately for most companies there is not nearly enough employee engagement. Most companies have a less than 25 percent staff participation rate. To be clear these employees are usually the most productive, healthiest, and happiest employees you have.

If you’re anything like us you didn’t start your company to be like “MOST” companies. You started your company to be consistently extraordinary so a low participation rate is unacceptable. That’s where Fitness Journeys comes in. We create a movement around wellness in order to drastically improve the physical, mental, and financial health of your staff. We create a healthy way of life that touches your employees, their families, your customers, and the world around us.  Companies we work with consistently increase employee participation by 30-50 percent.

Fitness Journeys health and wellness programs are best in class because they create transformation programs that are tailored to both the health needs of your employees and the short and long term goals of your company.

Your company and employees will consistently have a competitive advantage because your staff will be happy, healthy, engaged, and thriving.

For additional information please contact Jason Rodriguez owner/director of Fitness Journeys via email at or call us at (347)387-1471.

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