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Fitness Journeys employs only the most qualified health and fitness professionals. All of our personal trainers maintain national certifications as well as many specialized certifications for specific training modalities.

Jason Rodriguez - Fitness Consultant
Jason Rodriguez, AAPT, NSCA-CPT
Founder, Director, Fitness Consultant

After receiving his B.S. in  Economics and Business Administration from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Jason spent 10 years working in the financial services industry. While working as a banker, he began his own personal journey towards becoming a health and fitness expert. Shortly after he graduated from the nationally recognized American Academy of Personal Training and taking courses covering the subjects of maternal fitness, extensive home training, training children, and family nutrition, he did extensive research and came to the realization that only 14 percent of the population has a gym membership and an even smaller percentage of people actually go. This is what inspired him to start Fitness Journeys – His mission is to have the greatest impact on our society by training people where they are most comfortable – in their own homes.
Co-author of “The Happy Law Practice: Expert Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind

Starting your Fitness Journey
Fitness Foundamentals: Pain and Pleasure
The Inspiration for Fitness Journeys
Monique Marco - Yoga Instructor
Monique Marco
Yoga and Zumba Instructor

Monique Marco’s expertise is a combination of yoga and holistic healthy living. She earned both her 200 hour yoga certification and her 150 hour Ashtanga yoga certification at PURE Yoga. She’s also certified in Buti fitness yoga, Corporate yoga, kids’ yoga, as well as in other fitness modalities. Notably, Monique is a natural, life-long teacher, which is evident in her classes. One of her students declared, “I really like her class because she gives good adjustments. She teaches to each individual’s level. I’ve never been in a class that I’ve gotten so much from each pose. She makes me feel really connected to my body. She’s a really intelligent teacher”. AG, 2013. Monique is absolutely passionate about personal growth from the inside out and living a pleasurable life full of gratitude, abundance and openness, which she conveys in class. Her classes emphasize safe alignment, upper body strength, deep core work and emotional focus. She is hands-on and provides specific and active physical adjustments.

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