For years I’ve heard people tell me they’ve found the answer, the secret to being fit and looking great. Like most of you I’ve seen countless DVD’s and infomercials. I’ve seen all different exercise contraptions. I must admit some of them look pretty cool, but some of them definitely are lacking. I’ve seen things like the Thigh Master, the Ab Lounge, and has anyone seen shake weight? The truth is all of these things actually work in their own way. If your options are to either use one of these things or sit on the couch, well than your better off using something.

The real answer is so much simpler. It’s so easy, yet so difficult for people to understand. The answer is MOVEMENT. If we move our body more, we will be in better shape. Sounds easy huh? Unfortunately in our society with the technology age we are continuously finding ways to minimize movement. More and more people are working from home, children are playing video games instead of going out, we can order groceries via the internet, do laundry, find a mate, etc. We can send emails, surf the internet and turn off the lights all with our cell phone. Soon we will be so advanced that we will really never need to get off our big fat butts to do anything!! The average weight for a male ages 20-74 from 1960-1962 was 166lbs. The average weight of a female from the same time frame was 140lbs. Let’s fast forward a bit. The average weight for a male ages 20-74 from 1999-2002 191lbs and the average weight for a female went to 164lbs and we continue to grow at an alarming rate!! Obesity has become an epidemic and it’s not going away unless we do something about it sooner than later. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start moving while we still can!

Please stop the madness! Join the movement revolution and let’s start moving towards fitness. What do we have to lose besides fat? Let’s look at some examples: strength training, aerobics, biking, running, walking, dancing, boxing, climbing, yoga, palates, and the list goes on and on. This is why Fitness Journeys has started the movement challenge. The rules are simple. Send us your video clip 60 seconds or less of you moving. You can be any age and any fitness level. In January 2011 we will pick the winner who will receive a 100.00 gift certificate to sports authority. The video that wins will be the individual or individuals that are moving the most and having the most fun.