Ok so the time has come. You’ve decided it’s time to get in shape, look great, and be healthier than you’ve ever been.

That’s great, but there’s one huge problem:  If you’re like most people you’ve said this before! You’ve tried and failed to get in shape several times. Whatever happened that led you to fall off the wagon, don’t let it happen again. Here are 6 steps that will make this time different than the rest:

  1. Acknowledge your obstacles: Things are gonna happen. We’re all pretty busy. We have jobs, kids, social commitments, responsibilities, ect. Don’t get discouraged when this stuff happens, but stay focused on making your health your priority.
  2. Make that “me time” count: Schedule that “me time” and stick to it. I’m talking about “me workout time” and “me eating healthy time,” not “me sitting on the couch eating ice cream time.”
  3. Cheat to beat temptation: Temptation is everywhere. We’re surrounded by burger joints, donut shops, ice cream shops, pizza places ohh my. I get it, it’s hard! I like junk food too, but the idea is to have this stuff once in a while–not every day! Pick one cheat day. It should be the same day every week to have some of your favorite foods. This will help you stay disciplined the rest of the week because you know your junk food fix is coming. This won’t hurt you. It will actually regulate your hormones, take away the cravings, and help you lose more weight over time.
  4. Tell everyone: Tell people about your goals because you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable. We all like to keep our promises to our friends, families, colleagues etc. Plus you might inspire others to do the same. Make it fun! Maybe you’ll end up with a training partner or start a friendly contest about who can make a greater fitness transformation.
  5. Partner up: Try to find a training partner. Make sure your training partner is at a similar fitness level to you and truly focused on results. Don’t partner up with someone who wants to hang out and gossip. Support each other, work out together, but don’t go to the gym and waste workout time talking. If you can’t find a workout partner, hire a personal trainer who can help motivate you and keep you focused.
  6. Track progress: If you don’t know where you are, you’ll never know where you’re going. Set smart goals for yourself, but don’t obsess. Weigh yourself no more than once a week and make sure you’re doing it first thing in the morning to get more accurate results.

Remember, weight is just one way of measuring progress. You should also monitor things like waist size, blood pressure, body fat, and–most importantly–how you feel. Track your progress once a month to keep yourself focused and on the right track. And of course, take supplements and treatments like the Ocular Steroid Treatment that will help you achieve your goals faster.

To start your own Fitness Journey please get in touch with us and we’ll discuss a tailored fitness program that fits you. Take a fitness journey. Your destination will be fitness!

Post by Jason Rodriguez