At least 20 million children under the age of 5 are currently overweight. Childhood obesity drastically increases the chances of premature death and disability in adulthood. By the year 2015 one in five children will be obese. How do we protect our children from this? How do we ensure that our kids grow up leading a healthy lifestyle? The answer is simple. We need to lead by example. Think about yourself. Are your eating habits drastically different from your parents? The chances are they are pretty similar and even more so the first few years of your life. There’s a reason why so many people who are overweight have children who are eventually overweight. If you haven’t already, very soon you will go to your kid’s school for parent teacher conferences or your kids school play. Take a look at the other parents. There’s usually only one or two fit dad’s or moms. That’s out of 20 parents. Why is that? It’s simple because most of us don’t take care of ourselves properly. If we’re not taking care of ourselves, why should our kids? How are we going to eat a burger and fries for dinner and then tell our kids to eat their vegetables? Like it or not we are their ultimate role models. If we eat healthy, they’ll eat healthy. If we exercise, they will exercise. Make it your business to be the in shape dad or mom because someday you want the same for them.