Let’s face it. Most of us are never going to play in the NBA, the majors, or the NFL. Remember this is all about you!! We are all different. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, therefore we all have different fitness goals. So our workout routines may be different too. Please stop comparing yourself to athletes, movie stars, or supermodels. Think about your life. Besides looking better in the mirror, what do you want to improve? What do you wish was easier? Ask yourself these questions in your daily activities. Do you wish you could climb stairs easier? Do you wish that briefcase or schoolbag felt lighter? Do you wish you could lift your child or grandchild effortlessly? Do you wish you could play with that child without getting tired before they do? Maybe your goals are far more aggressive. Do you want to run a marathon? Do you have a bike race, a basketball tournament, a tennis tournament, or a football game coming soon? It’s important for you to really look within yourself and figure out exactly what you want and how badly you want it. This will allow us at Fitness Journeys to design a program that will revolve around your own individual goals and objectives. We will create programs specifically designed for you to meet and exceed your goals by strengthening your weaknesses and enhancing your attributes.