1)Exercise increases productivity. 
If you’re like most freelancers you spend a great deal of your day sitting at a computer. Break up your day, by taking a 30-60 minute walk break or exercise break. It will get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and you’ll return refreshed and more productive.

2)Exercise decreases sickness.
People who exercise get sick an average of 50 percent less than those who remain sedentary. Let’s face it if you’re a freelancer there’s no time for sick days. You are the company, so workout and avoid the misery of trying to work through a sick day.

3)People who exercise tend to eat healthier. 
If you’re spending the time working out, why not supply your body with the best fuel. Most freelancers who practice regular workout routines take the time to eat nutrient dense foods which improves overall health, productivity, and appearance.

4)Exercise increases confidence. 
Perhaps the most important quality in a successful freelancer is confidence. People who exercise are more confident about their appearance as well as their abilities which makes them much more marketable and attractive to potential clients.

5)Exercise decreases stress. 
Working in freelance can be extremely stressful at times. There are constant deadlines to meet and a lot depends on your performance. Exercise increases endorphins and adrenaline which puts freelancers in a better mood. That’s why people who exercise tend to maintain an optimistic attitude and manage stress much better, than sedentary individuals. If utilized correctly stress enables us to accomplish more.